US-based producer Daniel Sampson’s main alias for the better part of 7 years has for most of that time been a name known for up-tempo and driving Trance music. The first release under this name was called Ocean Breeze, a track name fitting for the Pacific coast of the United States which Daniel has called home for most of his life. Tecnosine is now an alias known for the Ambient spectrum of genres, ranging from Drone, Future Garage, Chillstep, Downtempo, and Chill Out. Continuing to cement his place in this realm, Daniel’s productions as Tecnosine range from the brooding and dark, to the atmospheric and uplifting. As 2021 begins, Daniel’s first ever EP release in his new direction Dark Shores represents the culmination of all of his influences, from Trance, House, and Techno, to Ambient and Future Garage, to Pop and even with hints of his education in Jazz.


Calling the Pacific Northwest his home for nearly decades, Daniel’s Deep, Melodic and Progressive House alias Sebastian G Clarke focuses on music meant not just for dancing, but for doing whatever brings together people of many different cultures and beliefs. Sebastian G Clarke is a name inspired by a Trance artist that influenced Daniel during his early adventures as a Trance artist. Daniel’s childhood nickname has stuck with him ever since, and it only felt right to pay homage to that name in an artist pseudonym. The first official release under the name came on the venerable Emergent Shores based in Canada, and Daniel has since gone on to release on the likes of Toronto-based Dream Culture and New York label Mistique Music. Look out for more exciting material from Daniel as Seb Clarke this year!